the finer moments

I’m a talker. If I don’t talk, I can’t think! It’s true. I must talk out my ideas to better understand them. Yet, some of my finer moments were spent sitting near a creek bank or on a hillside just breathing in the world.

After a stretch of toying with the “how-tos” of organizing a new blog, I decided to make this one a refreshing place for my readers to come. A place comparable to a drink from a cold spring. A place where the sun-parched traveler can come sit for a moment and leave uplifted. A blog akin to sitting on the mountaintop looking across the vast open spaces below.  A finer moment, if you will.

I want to be the encourager who finds a morsel of hope in this day-to-day negative world we live in. I’m going to leave the depressing affairs of this world to those better suited for that task. There are troubles. Oh, how many there are?

Nature encourages me. I stand in awe of it. I love laying under a group of trees and watching the wind carry the leaves back and forth. I love hiking in the coolness of the woods and smelling the pines and other scents from the forest. For a few finer moments, I’m lifted out of the troubles, the headaches, the snares of this life.

So, when I find something worth calling back to those on life’s road with me, I’ll do my best to add an entry. It might be the best praise and worship song I’ve heard that day, a photo of the sunset, an encouraging poster, or some of my own words. I want my readers to understand that I also believe in the God of Creation. Without Him, there would be no universe.

I am not choosing to look through ‘Polly Ann’s glasses or ignore the hurting around me. I am choosing to help the hurting in my own way.

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