Letting go

LetGo Commercial

I love this commercial. Not because of the product the company is advertising, but for it’s visual effect.

I think about a person kneeling in prayer asking God to fulfill a need while refusing to give up what they already hold. Sometimes we are truly sincere in asking and our need is real. But, we like what we already have and we refuse to let go. The old becomes a ball-n-chain.

Recently I knew I was being pulled to leave something. But an event happened that caused me to look again at what was already there instead of looking ahead. I had a hard time understanding why I was so upset over knowing I wouldn’t be apart of the future events.

After a couple of days of searching my motives, I realized it was the lure of the carrot dangling in front of me that had pulled my eyes away from Jesus. The enemy knows I love to travel, and when someone else is putting the bill, it’s even better. I wanted this carrot. At the same time, it was clear to me that I had to step away from this in order to follow Jesus’ lead. My mind repeated over and over, “Let go, let go, let go.”

When we fix on the things of this world and have our hearts set upon them, how can God bless us with the things that are eternal?

David kept his heart fixed on God. Ps. 57:3 He knew that God was worthy of his praise He put his faith in the only One who could take care of him. When we keep our eyes on the promise of material things, we are setting ourselves up to be disappointed. The carrot of travel and extra money was a temptation that I had to call out for what it was in order to get over it and move forward with Jesus. The enemy is a liar and no doubt wouldn’t have fulfilled his end of the deal anyway.

This commercial helped me see how easy we can put ourselves into harm’s way. What are you holding in your hand today that God has asked you to drop? We don’t need to sell it, we just need to open our hand and let it fall away. It is so freeing to do this. Trust God and fix your heart on Him.


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