"Ed and I Love To Have Fun, Travel and Enjoy Life. We are full time RV'ers. That in itself is an adventure."

Ferdy Korpershoek

After years of traveling to the Northwest territory, we moved to Montana in 1999. Since then we have lived on a remote ranch resting at over 8,000 feet in elevation in the Rockies. We tried to live in a Condo once, but that didn’t really work for us. We were blessed to live on a mountainside in an 1800’s log cabin for several years. That was much more to our liking. We followed in the footsteps of grizzly bears and ran where the antelope run. It was an amazing time. If pictures could show the exact sight our eyes can see, it would be an awesome thing. Life is never going to be perfect, but there are some breathtaking canvases that stop us in our tracks from time to time.

Tammy Partlow Photography
Tammy Partlow Photography

Anna Korpershoek

Ever place holds beauty if you have eyes to see. Montana and Wyoming have wide-open spaces that take your breath away. But, the South has so many wonderful colors that you know the Master Artist has been at work there too. Look around you and find the beauty in your area. It comes in all sizes and shapes.