Tammy Partlow

Bio: “Life is a steep climb, and it does us good to have somebody ‘call back’ and cheerily beckon us on up the high hill. We are all climbers together and we must help each other. This mountain climbing is serious business, but glorious. It takes strength and steady steps to find the summits. The outlook widens with the altitude. If any of us has found something worth while, we ought to ‘call back’.” Taken from 'Streams in the Desert' (A collection of daily thoughts and scriptures compiled by Mrs. Cowan, published in 1925.) I love to tell people I'm still 39. Of course, I know no one believes that anymore. The truth is the longer I live, the higher on the mountain of life I climb. Life is serious business, and glorious at the same time. When we come across those golden moments, overcome a hardship, or see a breathtaking image, we have a duty to 'call back.' Those moments shouldn't go by without notice. If my blog becomes such a place where Internet travelers find a stream of refreshing words in their search, I will be very pleased. I have an optimistic personality and love looking for the best out of life and people. I believe my first words had to have been questions instead of mama, dada. Curiosity, discovery and determination have been the driving forces God hardwired into my DNA. At a few months of age, I was found wandering around the house in the middle of the night while everyone else had been sleeping. I think this set the tone for my life, for I’ve been traveling ever since. And, I love it. I am grounded in southern traditions and no matter what my zip code number is, I’m tied to my roots. I am thankful God has held my family, home, and sense of direction deep in my soul as I have roamed this wonderful country.

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