Sometimes you find yourself on the side of a cliff, and you are hanging onto a small pine tree. You can feel a 1000 pound weight strapped to your ankle.  Gravity is going to win. It’s just a matter of time.

cliff photo


The climb seems impossible.

I can hear it now. “How did I get here?” You ask.


You don’t have a clue how you got there! You know upper body strength has never been your strong suit. Yet, here you are hanging from one little part of a tree trunk. Stuck on the side of a mountain. Slowly dying. You know it isn’t going to be long until you give up. Even with the very best you have, it’s not enough. Your two hands are locked together holding onto one tree. Every ounce of strength you have is slowly being exhausted. And, you know it isn’t going to be enough to save you.   

That weight pulls at you. Gravity keeps pulling the weight. It’s a matter of time. 

cliff shot

Just above you is the edge of the cliff. If you could get there, you would be on solid rock, and you would be okay. 


Occasionally, you sense the shadow of something flying over you. Was it an eagle’s talons? You wonder. What if you reached for them? But, you know it would mean you would have to let go of the hold you have on the little tree. Still, you know the eagle would pull you to safety. 

If you let go, Death waits to catch you. 

Still the shadow passes. It reminds you of its presence. 


And, with everything you have left, you know you must reach. Because, if you don’t, you are going to fall anyway. You pray, and you let go. Once you open your eyes again, you are on the solid rock of the mountain. You realize it was the right hand of God that grabbed you. It wasn’t an eagle. It was the right hand of God.

He was there for you all alone, but you were in your own strength. Struggling to survive.

When we are in our own strength, we are going to fall, and it is going to hurt!

Girl on cliff

You’re safe on the solid ground!


God tries to remind us that we don’t have to do this life in our own strength. If we are brave enough, trusting enough, he will reach down and grab us with his strong arm. Get your hands off the tree. Say, “If I die, I die.”

If you are worn out from exhaustion, let him take the burden. What weight is pulling you down? It doesn’t matter to him. He can handle it all. Just raise a finger off the pine tree and he will catch you. He has never failed you, and he never will. 


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