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Announcing…The Blood Beneath the Pines “Author Copies” are here!

Persistent people don’t always get 8 hours sleep. Last night I went to bed, but I couldn’t rest. I rolled and tossed. My book was nearby, and I could feel it. According to the UPS tracker, it should have been delivered by end-of-day. It wasn’t. It got bounced like a ball back and forth from two nearby towns. Twice.

After I finally did go to sleep, I woke up again at 4:30. I knew my night’s rest was over. Thoughts of the relentless journey God had taken me on with Blood Beneath the Pines filled my mind. The fact that the novel had survived amazed me.

I saw a glimpse of one of the major characters as far back as the year 2002. But, life wasn’t too stable for us back then. We had moved to Montana in 1999 and still hadn’t found where we really belonged.

This story faced many dogged challenges over the following years. persistent people

Just as I would get really fired up to write Morgan Lee’s tale, we would pack up and move. Most of our moves involved hundreds of miles. A couple of times they were over a thousand. New towns, new jobs, new people. This seemed to be a continuous theme for us for a long time.  

About five years ago, I started to realize that God was doing a new thing in my life and he was asking me “would I not know it?” Isaiah 43:19  At this period in time, I had to drive to work on some really treacherous roads during the winter months. I grew up in the Deep South and didn’t have a clue how to drive in these conditions. Unlike everyone else around me, I would stare out my classroom window and pray the snow would NOT fall. But, God helped me see that the snowy roads were part of his new plan for me. He had opened a door and these roads were the path in the wilderness to get me to that job. I knew He would be with me every step of the way.

If I was ever going to get the novel he had placed in my heart written, I had to do all I could to stick with it and not let moving or other distractions stop me. My focus had to be on Him and the path he had for me. 

I attended the CCWC in 2014 and my writing career changed forever. Allen Arnold gave a 6-hour continuing session that made me realize writing With God ( Story of With ) was the only way to do this writing journey.

persistent peopleAfter that conference, I finished BBTP in less than two months. Of course, then came the continuous rounds of edits.

I stand in awe of what God can do. He gives us subtle messages as to who our ‘truer self’ is, and we only need to tune in to him to find out what we are called to do. God had always spoken to me through creation. It’s how I most relate to Him. There was a new kinship in creating with Him in this writing journey.

It is my prayer that He breathes His breath on Blood Beneath the Pines and takes it into the hands of the ones that need it. I’m so grateful He allowed me to write this story.

For me, Thanksgiving Day will always be a time of celebration that a dream can become a reality, and persistence can paid off! 

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